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I've had similar thoughts of late. When I was at Disney World a couple of years ago, in flaming pain because of my herniated disc, there were some times I didn't give up my seat on the bus to a young mom so she could sit next to her kids. I could tell I was being judged, but was willing to trade that off for the relief that sitting was giving me.

And having been on the inside of that, and working with Mike through both his brain injury and then later his cancer, I realize that I can't tell what's going on inside of people. I can't really know them, and so I can't judge them.

Of course, since I'm human, I judge them anyway, but I usually catch myself before I let the judgments out.


Patty Mitchell

And even if your first instinct was right and the guy was just being a dick, he still needs your prayers and loving kindness. His suffering (underneath it all there is suffering) and the suffering he was causing calls for even more compassion. :-)

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